Hey guys, Welcome to Hamboyinc’s “About Us” page, our names are Ryan and Austin and Ryan, we do walkthroughs on Skyrim, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Hopefully some PS4 games in the future, Grand Theft Auto V, and other Shiz-nip you guys would want us to do. We are just a couple of people who record games and enjoy harassing each other with violent words and killing each other (in games, of course) and other NPCs (cause they be fools). Ryan is starting to do Animations for Minecraft and making downloadable maps. Austin sits in a corner and watches me do all the work, just kidding he does some website shit, Minecraft Skins and all the graphics that make Hamboysinc so much cooler than iartpie11 and TheShadowSlayer245. No need for the not really in “( )” they know we are better, Austin said that. Stop kicking me off the keyboard Ryan. Well screw you dude, you asked me to type this thing. Nevermind. You can find us on some multiplayaaaa servers, I’m not telling you though ;). Really Ryan, most of our subs we earned from multiplayaaa servers. 😀 I will kill you, moving on. Please subscribe to us on Youtube, follow us on Twitter, Follow our Google + page, and follow us on instagram.


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